Seafood Time!

Design this and got rejected... Gotta work harder! :) LOVE THE SHRIMP!!!

Hansel and Gretel, Maybe?

I was wondering what people think when they see this picture. A nice grandma with her lovely grandchildren or an evil witch with anonymous lost children; or else?
Here's the picture that I drew from the the dark side of fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel, also my favorite fairy tale. Hope there will be another Hansel and Gretel adaptation :))

P.S. I love the children!
P.P.S. I'm still thinking what am I going to draw next!

Can't wait!!

Here's the latest update for Hansel and Gretel! Can't wait to do the detailing! Wee!

Hansel and Gretel Preview

Preview of Hansel and Gretel Illustration...
I decided to draw fairy tales related stuff! I just made a mistake on this paper, since I'm still new with this thick paper. Well, I'm going to redo everything! It's gonna be fun! :P

Last Moment of Strawberries

Here's the last piece of strawberry memories. Thanks to great Japanese blog, jollygoo for the lovely picture of Strawberry House in Japan.

Hate to say goodbye to these strawberries after long weeks and bittersweet stories with beloved ones. 
May strawberries live in our heart :')

P.S. Next week's theme is going to be magical! Hope I can share the magical moments with you guys during this summer time!!

Bundt Cake

Neapolitan Zebra Bundt Cake by a great blog, bakersroyale. I'm totally falling in love to this delicioso cake :P

Magic Cake Magic Sunday

Neapolitan Magic Cake by cakefyi on magical Sunday!
A magical cake with magical sprinkles! I'd love to have one! Hehe...

Mug Cake!

Here's Strawberry Nutella Mug Cake from cookiecrazedmama! A beautiful dessert that I would eat during movie marathon with warm blanket. Yum yum! :) 

Totally going to draw another dessert!!! Super happy with what I'm doing right now.

Drawing Marathon!

Have been away for five days for building up my portfolio as graphic designer. I just sent my resumes yesterday. Can't wait to start drawing again. So here I am, ready to draw ten drawings! See you in probably three days!